What is the Difference between an Alliteration and an Assonance

The assonance and alliteration are figures of type (writing process) playing the sounds. Both meet in literary texts, poems and songs and consist of a repetition of the same sound in a sentence or verse. You may also visit https://differencebetweenz.com/ DifferenceBetweenz to learn the more about the such similar terms and objects, which confuses us a lot.

What differentiates them is the type of repeated sounds.

In the case of assonance, the author or the poet uses the same vowel several times, creating a particular impression that reinforces the expression of a feeling or the meaning of a sentence. It establishes a relationship between words and a correspondence that produces an echo. She gives the text a musicality.

Example of assonance in ”  i  “:

  • “I ‘m close to your cheek and I ‘m slow
  • Do not go to i ss i per the delight pl i s
  • Secretly feel i ble to the radius that i l s’ there arises “. Sleeping wood . Paul Valéry

Alliteration is the repetition of the same consonant in a sentence or a poem .   His role is to punctuate the verse and constitute a soundtrack to the poem. Its use makes it possible to evoke the noise that would make what the poem speaks.

Example of alliteration in ”  p  “:

  • “It p leut The p Italian luie to p tember
  • Is neither yellow nor blue he p leut without Ecli p if p leut p lein é p Aules p related
  • It p leut Neither p erle or p stone pine or p araphes é p ed
  • Or p oussière or slaps or p anic water
  • Or p hange of p étrels p air étrole
  • Despairing p ee clouds. Louis Aragon, Poets.

The poet for the sake of musicality combines alliteration and assonance  :

Example: “b From the year cs s year g l ots g l iss year t over the azure of coro ll are.” Stéphane Mallarmé / Apparition .

To you to play: Assonance or alliteration?

  • “Who are these snakes that whistle over your heads? “. Root. Andromache, Act V, Scene 5
  • “Keep your soul open to the perfumes around.” Anna de Noailles. The innumerable heart .
  • ” Because her Katia, her pretty Katia,

Just leaving him

Sa Katie has left him ” Bobby Lapointe. Your Katie left you .

  • “The pasha leaned over, grabbed the cat, took him to his villa and placed him near the lilac. ” People Nursery Rhyme.

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