Now become essential support for all businesses, whether in B2C or B2B, social networks can better understand its customers while building lasting relationships with them. It is through this construction of social communities that the value of the company is created on social media. In order to build these communities, indispensable to claim an existence in the social media, we advocate a sustainable approach based on building a strong editorial line. By strong, we mean a reflection focused on the overall marketing coherence and differentiation of this editorial line social media. Two axes of work are then born:

The search for unification and coherence. The definition of an editorial line, acting as a breadcrumb, will link all marketing actions, whether they are on social networks or in any other communication area. This, often forgotten, is essential and is the basis of any successful digital strategy.


The search for differentiation and adaptation. To take into account the specificities of each social network, 1min30 develops an approach adapted to each of the networks as well as to your sector of activity. The company adapts as well as possible to its audience and meets the expectations raised by its social presence.

The Social Media Marketing services for your social media strategy

With more than 26 million monthly active users on Facebook and more than 2.3 million on Twitter, for example, social media as a whole offers many benefits such as increased visibility among Internet users and potential customers, significant traffic on the Internet and more. The company’s website, building a community of people interested in it or developing a strong image and brand awareness. This list of various benefits is non-exhaustive and obviously related to the performance of the company’s social media strategy. To do this, the expertise and the powerful vision of 1min30 accompany you in this process by bringing to each project the right proportion of 5 ingredients necessary to your success:


  • The creation, optimization, and development of social networks necessary for your brand
  • Writing and planning content that carries your values and storytelling
  • Management and animation of interactions, exchanges, and conversations within social communities
  • The implementation of operational marketing actions aimed at qualifying, developing and transforming your Social Media communities into clients or prescribers
  • The establishment of blogger relationships, healthy and sustainable that will allow you to assert your expertise while gaining visibility on the Internet and social media.

These 5 ingredients are part of a global vision that wants to consider the social media as a strategy in its own right and to integrate into the development strategy of your company.