People “Asperger”: “They Learn By Imitation and Decoding”

For about forty years, the research and training of professionals in contact with these people ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder),whether psychiatrists, social educators or teachers …, continues to develop, as well as very concrete educational strategies. We, psychologists read about psychologist and psychology, collaborate in training, psychiatrists, like care professionals, to recognize this syndrome. And more and more, it is in the clinical field that we advance: myself I receive in psychotherapy or sexology consultation of adolescents, couples with at least one of the partners is Asperger; we also accompany children in their academic or academic background … All this cognitive-behavioral management was set up with the recognition of Asperger’s syndrome as a developmental disorder and not a psychopathology related to mental health.

“They do not suffer from intellectual disabilities and many of them show special skills, an original way of seeing the world.”

What are the characteristics of these patients?

On the spectrum of autism, they are at an extreme level, that of the “high cognitive level“. They do not suffer from intellectual disabilities and many of them show special skills, an original way of seeing the world. Thus, we have a lot of artists and computer scientists here, and we try to find the potential of each one. What characterizes them is undoubtedly the importance they attach to details, their elaborate vocabulary and yet their difficulty in conversation and emotional management … But these details are not enough to spot them as too many psychiatrists believe. Only the rigorous questionnaires, at nearly a hundred entries, allow evaluation and diagnosis.

That is to say?

Imagine that a patient comes to consult a psychiatrist. She is able to look him in the eye and if, to her question “you prepare family Christmas?” She agrees, this psychiatrist will think “she can not be Asperger”, she is capable of sociability.Fortnite Player Count is about 6 million. In fact, if he had asked her, “Why and how to organize a Christmas meal at your house?”, She might have taught her that she does this not for any pleasure, but because she imitates her co-workers, she sees that “everyone is doing this”. This type of behavior is characteristic of Aspergers: to function in our society, they need a precise script. Social skills are not spontaneous. They learn by imitation and decoding. So it is essential to give them very specific tests to recognize them.

What seems incredible is the number of people who come to you and ask, “Am I Asperger?” How do you explain that?

In adults with Aspergers, lighter forms of their profile are common. Often these people have a spouse, a job and live with “camouflaged” traits. But at the moment of a crisis of life, of a transition in particular, they falter under the resurgence of certain traits. The student who, in her twenties, must return to professional life, or the quadra who has just divorced, is experiencing an outbreak of anxiety or depression. We are therefore receiving more and more of these women who, diagnosed as bipolar or having a personality disorder, wish to be evaluated.

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